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Auditing your website

The Website Has Fallen And Can’t Get Up!

You go online and try one of those free website analyzers, and are aghast your website failed!

Jeez, the website is only three years old and all that money spent to produce it is down the drain? What to do now?

We have all been there, surfing the web and you land on an audit website like SEMRush, Ahrefs, or SEOptimizer, where they offer to evaluate your own website for free, it only takes 3 minutes of your time so why not. So you punch in your web address, watch it spin for a moment, and then get back this big list of problems with your website, most of which you have no idea what it means. Yikes!

That is where comes in! Fixing optimization issues, optimizing images, compressing your server files – the list of issues can go on and on and get a bit daunting, especially for an older website. And just like with any big problem, let a professional handle it for you is likely your best bet.

The solution is the same as with every other problem you tackle; make a list of issues, prioritize them, and fix. Contact us if you find yourself beating your head on the desk, we’d be glad to help.