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Creating Your Website

So you decided to join the 21st century and want to create a website – congratulations you have come to the right place! We can take your ideas and turn it into a website you can be proud of.

Whether you need a retail website to sell your products or just a information website to promote the business, we can quickly turn your ideas into reality.

Website Creation Services

Website design services

Website Design

We take your ideas, or maybe you can refer us to someone else’s website you really like, and we then produce samples for you to review. After some back and forth to refine the design we’ll then build it.

Website content services

Website Content

Writing the page content can sometimes be a real chore, so let us handle it for you!

Website Graphics

Believe it or not the most expensive part of a website can be the images used. Finding the right image can be difficult, and if you have an image-heavy website the time and effort can really add up.

There are some tricks to doing it quick and easy and we can certainly help with that!

Website Hosting

Hosting the website is where your website files are located and we recommend allowing us to host your website. Fast loading, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, free backups – there are many benefits for hosting with 

  • First year hosting is free, when we are the ones creating the website.
  • Complimentary HTTPS – a $100 / year value.
  • We offer free website updates with every website we host too – ask for details.

Website Security

In today’s world, security is very important. While no website is hackproof, the trick is to protect your website from hacking AND have a plan in place to get it back up and running quick.

It begins with using an HTTPS connection for its encryption, followed with having security protocols in place on the website to fight the hacker.

Website Upgrades

If you have an old website and think it needs a face lift, we can make the upgrade process quick and easy. We can take your current content and recreate it within a new website having the latest designs and functionality. 

Learn more.

Mobile Ready

More and more people are surfing the web using their mobile device, so having a mobile-ready website is very important. We make all our websites mobile-friendly so you maximize your website traffic.

Website Creation Services

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