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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Submitted Information will safeguard your information. But along with safeguarding your information, we reserve those rights as defined by the laws and regulations in the United States.

Maintenance Contracts

As a normal part of our service, we provide a maintenance contract that allows you to have your website updated regularly without charge. As a minimum, we will guarantee every customer at least one website update each month – not to exceed 20 minutes worth of effort. And to be clear; an update is by definition a change in the website content – not a re-design of the website or inclusion of new functionality. And no, you can’t ‘save up’ the maintenance time over the course of the year, then have us redesign your site on the cheap (smile).

Refusal Rights

IdahoWebpages reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Specifically, but not inclusively, this means we refuse to support any pornographic activity. We also don’t like those ‘hate’ websites too much either. We do not support those activities that can be considered SPAM – or annoying pop-ups, mal-ware, spy-ware, or those ‘rip-off’ sites.


Disruption of website services is a possibility for anyone – this is a public internet! New ground is being broken on a regular basis, mostly by hackers or malicious coders. For this reason, IdahoWebpages does not accept any responsibility for any resulting consequences of your website services being disrupted. If you have a website that must be guaranteed to be accessible 24 hours a day with no interruptions, let us know so that we can change your set-up and increase our fees. To all you hackers out there – you agree to be responsible for any and all civil and or criminal penalties, including but not limited to attorneys fees, actual and consequential damages arising from the disruption of the sites, and all efforts taken to correct and restore the site. And if you are only fourteen years old, or otherwise a minor, you agree that your parents or guardians are to be held responsible for not being a good parent. We will go above and beyond to meet every expectation in the design, creation, maintenance, and marketing of your website. But sometimes things just don’t work out – and if that ever occurs we agree to fairly and amicably sever ties with you. You agree to be fair and reasonable.


IdahoWebpages normally sends out invoices each week, unless prior arrangements have been made. We typically have a 30 day grace period when there is a lack of payment, but reserve the right to end service when payment stops.


You agree that any legal disputes are to be resolved within the Great State of Idaho, United States of America.

Terminating Service

As any of our customers will tell you, we strive to provide the highest level of service. But people move on, or maybe get their cousin to do their website work. To end service, a phone call or email is sufficient – but in the case of e-mail, a response from us is required (to avoid any disputes that may occur on whether the dog ate the email). Sorry, we don’t pro-rate service for partial month periods.

Late Fees

We are not hard-nosed about getting paid late, but reserve the right to charge a 5% late fee.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

IdahoWebpages reserves all intellectual property rights to our products. This includes any and all code used in the creation of the website, unless specifically stating otherwise.

Basic Outlook on Privacy

We won’t give up any of your personal information without having to do so by law. We will be careful with your information as much as we can. And we won’t be selling it to anyone.

Information We Collect

If you are a casual visitor to this website, nothing personal is collected from you that doesn’t already get gathered by any server on the web – like your screen resolution, your operating system, etc. We only gather that personal information about you that enables us to conduct regular business.


We do use cookies to store information about you and your visit, and they are stored on your own computer. They are not harmful but actually very helpful, and are not considered spy-ware or mal-ware. A cookie is not required for our website to be viewed by you, but instead are used as devices to remember details that make your visit more pleasant.


We do not collect the information of minors – period. If somehow we unwittingly collect the personal information of a minor, it will be deleted / discarded as soon as we are made aware.

Safeguarding Your Information

We will safeguard your personal information in a responsible manner. But as anyone can tell you who watches the news, even the largest corporations have difficulty protecting information from hackers. We recommend you have a plan on what to do in case your information is compromised as a precaution – not just for our website, but for any others as well. We will have backups of everything we do, so no information or website details will be lost. Even if a site gets hacked, we can quickly restore things back the way they were.

Changes to These Terms reserves the right to change these Terms at any time.