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The benefits of A/B testing

Use A/B Testing to Find Success

Dramatic improvements in performance can be achieved with testing, sometimes with minor changes.

  • You can test new website designs, layouts, and content – without permanently changing your website.
  • Our service is all inclusive; setup, planning, implementation, and reporting of results.
  • By using A/B tests, multivariate tests, and / or redirect tests you can discover what is most successful for you and your website.

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What is A/B Testing?

  • An A/B test takes two versions of your website, directs half the people to one version and the other half to the other version
  • A multivariate test examines multiple changes on the same page but requires more traffic to get the results
  • A redirect test compares two separate pages against each other

With A/B Testing You Can Answer Important Questions:

  • Does a different page layout help with conversions?
  • Is a red button more successful than a green one?
  • Does a short page having little content work better than a long page?
  • Does using testimonials work better than none?
  • Does a webpage having lots of images work better than on having lots of text?

Fact: the most successful websites are driven by the data; they test things to determine what works best, and what does not.

Here’s a pro tip: Google the term “best designed website” or “best converting website” and make a list of ideas to test with. Then try out them out on your website using A/B testing.

How Long Does A/B Testing Take?

The single biggest factor to determine a test winner is the amount of web traffic a test gets. A test getting 1,000 visitors a day will produce results much faster than a test getting 100.

What Sort of Things Can Be Tested?

  • The calls-to-action; the buttons, the colors, the locations
  • The Offer; offer something free, promote urgency ‘12 hours left’
  • Page Content; more content vs. less, text vs. images, different headlines, paragraphs vs. bullets
  • Media; videos, images
  • Lead or Sales Funnels; removing distracting content, number of pages, number of webform fields

What Does A/B Testing Look Like?

  • First come up with an idea you think might help your website improve (for instance; green buttons vs. red buttons)
  • Set the test up on the website so that half the visitors see the “A” version, and the other half see the “B” version
  • Wait until the webpage receives enough traffic to declare a winner – usually a week or two but for low traffic pages can take longer. Using clear testing criteria, backed by your Google Analytics traffic data, a winner can be confidently decided upon
  • Once the winner is declared, we implement the change throughout the website
  • Then rinse and repeat! Initial testing can usually produce dramatic results, as high as 50% improvement. But over time gets harder and harder and the goal is to achieve incremental improvements.

How Much Does A/B Testing Cost?

The cost of A/B testing is much smaller than people think, especially when you consider what it accomplishes. And once setup, future testing costs drop dramatically.